When I first made this dress I was a bit apprehensive of the look. This was a freehand cut so it was a learn on the go project.

To be honest I added way too much fullness to it so I had to rip it apart, recut and start all over again. It was too big and obviously heavy because of the amount of fullness I added. 



I decreased the fullness by half, which means I have another one of this dress hanging around... lol.  

The dress has side seam pockets and I used no-roll elastic at the cold shoulder. A half inch seam finished off the hem.



Sometimes when I make a garment I second guess myself as to how it would look on me. I had a vision of how I wanted to look that night and it turned out perfect once the look was all put together.



I have another version of this dress in my closet that I will wear sometime this summer. 


Till next time, 

Let your style shine. 


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  • Karen Gonter on

    I LOVE this dress. So, for someone that has never made a circle dress……

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