I bought this pattern many years ago at my local fabric store. It was discontinued therefore it was at the cashier at a reduced price so I grabbed it.

Fast forward to 2018 and I finally decided to cut it as part of the pieces I wanted to make at a sewing retreat I was going to attend in November 2018.


I used fabric that I bought in Trinidad. Side note, I buy most of my fabrics and sewing notions in Trinidad when I go on vacation to visit my family. I love the fabric stores there. The colours, textures and price can very quickly send my bank account balance hurdling into a downward spiral, anyway back to my jacket.

The fabric I used is called Dorchester Stretch Linen, I like this fabric because of the drape. It is soft yet has enough body for use in jackets and dress pants. Another feature of this fabric is that it doesn't wrinkle a lot. It's nice that I can put in the washer and dryer and hang in my closet.

This (in my opinion) was a simple make I cut the size 14. At first I did cut the yoke piece and add it to the jacket but when finished I did not like that I was getting a pull across the back so I eliminated the yoke. The jacket fit better without the yoke, so when I make this again I will not add the yoke.


The stand up collar was a bit too high for my neck so I had to cut down on the height. This jacket is unlined so I serged my seams with the same colour thread as my fabric.

I use regular sewing thread on my serger. Usually I buy 3 or 4 spools of the same colour thread to use on my serger but again I buy my sewing supplies in Trinidad so they cost me $0.40 per 500yds so it's not too expensive for me and I don't have to store a lot of bulky cone thread.

Overall this jacket was an easy sew and has a very dramatic look at the back. I would be definitely making this in another colour.


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