If you hate having to turn spaghetti straps or sewing I can't remember how may loops, you might as well sign off

Hey, you're still here, I guess it's down the rabbit hole then.

I got this pattern through an online sewing friend from the US as we do not get Simplicity patterns at our fabric stores in Canada.  She was kind enough to offer to buy what I wanted and ship them to me.  This is Simplicity 8694 and I made View C, which in my opinion was the best out of the options in the package.

I had this blue rayon in my stash that I bought a few years ago and I chose it for this pattern because I knew it would be much easier to turn those spaghetti straps when the time came.

I cut size 12, lengthened the top and added width to the sides to accommodate my hips.



Here you can see how I cut bias strips.  I thought it would be a waste of time trying to pin this ridiculous pattern piece to layers of rayon so I folded my fabric on the bias and cut 1 inch strips with a ruler and rotary cutter.



Other than the numerous amount of string that needs to be sewn and turned this top is a very simple make.  

Sewed the loops, laced up the sleeves and added some beads to the ends to give it my own touch.




Some garments just do not look appealing on a mannequin and this is one of those garments.



This has been sitting in my closet since last month and I finally decided to wear it last week. It's comfortable and the sleeves are just divine.






Until next time, be original, show off your style!

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