The moment I saw this fabric at a Caribbean Festival last summer, I knew I had to get it. Although I did not know what I was going to make with it because Ankara usually comes in 6 yard pieces I would have enough for whatever project came to mind.

On vacation and planning my late night sewing for the night I decided to cut a circle skirt out of a blue and white polka dot fabric that I had in my stash. Light bulb moment, this is the style for my Ankara fabric. 

 I did not use a pattern for this skirt. I cut it freehand on the fabric itself, added a 3" waistband and a half inch hem.

In my opinion circle skirts are a simple way to add some drama to your wardrobe. A Hi/Lo hem and elevates the style.




I paired this with a simple black sweater that I made using Burda 6990 and high heel boots.

Currently, I haven't worn the polka dot version of this skirt and I am wondering what other style tops I can pair with this skirt.  Any ideas?



Till next time, 

Be original, show off your style!

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