As you know I'm a garment girl but lately I've been venturing into other aspects of sewing and yesterday I branched out to the world of shopping bags. Now I don't do the shopping in my home so these bags may well live in my car.

The link to the pattern I used is here. The video to how I made this bag is here.



I did a few different sizes but this is 36 long x 19 wide (not exactly as the pattern required). The lining is 33 long x 19 wide. I used blackout drapery lining as my bag lining. Make the heading for the top of you bag by turning .5" then turn 1".







Straps are cut at 33" in length. Find the center of the bag and add straps under heading leaving a 6" space between the straps. Pin in place and stitch.







After you've attached your straps fold bag in half lining together and stitch a 1/4" seam down both sides of the bag.  This bag calls for a french seam so don't worry that the raw edges are showing.



After you've sewn the seam, iron the seam and turn the bag inside out and once again sew another seam down the side.



Now the outside of the bag should look like this.



Now to make the base of the bag.



Angle the bag like this, making sure the seam is in the middle and mark a 2.5" line, you will be stitching on this line.



After stitching trim to 1/4", turn and stitch just like you did with the side seams.





Your shopping bag is now complete.







Till next time

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  • Linda on

    Nice photos and beautiful fabric choice!

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