Let’s go back 2019 or maybe 2018 I’m not sure but I was in Old Navy - I don’t remember why because I don’t really buy clothing. Nothing against the store but shopping for clothing is not something I like to do or enjoy.

That being said, I found this romper, fell in love with the colour and the bonus - it’s a Linen blend. It was on clearance but it was size XXL and I couldn’t find a size that would fit me so I bought it with the thoughts of going home and reconstructing it to my size. 

For me alterations is on the same level as shopping - hate it - so needless to say the romper went into the stash never to be seen, that is until late May 2020. 


It really wasn’t that difficult to rip apart. I cut down the front at the princess seams by 1” per side.


Took in a bit at the side back.


Here’s how the top looked on the mannequin once I made the adjustments.


At the pants I took it in 2 inches on both sides - well technically 4 inches (because there is front and back) so in total 8” was taken off the pants and it was still a bit big so I added pleats as you can see in the pictures below.


I also eliminated the side pockets because 1, I hate pockets and 2, I was not going to reconstruct it. I prefer the look of clean lines on my side seams.

I probably will never do a project like this again. It’s so much easier for me to construct a garment from flat fabric.





Until next time, be original, show off your style


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    This colour is gorgeous and your hard work paid off. Totally get why you would have snagged this romper with the intention of remaking it. But I’m with you on the alterations point, hate it. I even have to work myself up to altering my own makes lol.

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