Laid eyes on this gorgeous fabric a few months ago while browsing Instagram and I just could not get it out of my mind. I contacted the seller and to my delight she was 10 minutes away so I was able to pick it up. Ankara is one of my favourite fabrics to work with. I love the bright colours and bold prints.

I knew that my go to maxi dress pattern Vogue 9253 was going to work. I cut size large.  This is the third time I have used this pattern you can find my other post here.



This pattern is such a easy make but the neckline is so low and I know some people turn away from this pattern for that reason. There is a easy way to turn it into a modest option. Just stitch it up, it’s that simple.



I added a facing to the neckline of this dress and I stitched it up to the height I am comfortable with. thus avoiding a plunging neckline.




I also made the band extra long.  Other than that everything else is the same. I did include the pockets although I do not like pockets in my clothing. I prefer clean smooth lines in my side seams but it sits nice so I’m not too bothered. I’m not changing sides though I’m still team “no pockets.”

This is definitely my favourite version of the pattern that I have made. 

Would I make it again?, absolutely! 








 Until next time, be original, show off your style!











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    Hannah, this dress is a masterpiece. So gorgeous! I love it!

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